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I’m a woman, and I f*cking love science

imageI was watching television with my younger sister today, and a Nickelodeon show was on. I wasn’t really paying attention, but one part caught my eye: Two male characters were trying to make a solvent to detach two people who had been stuck together with super glue (because that plot is so original), and the female character tried to help. They pushed her aside and mockingly called her the “lady scientist.”

The scene struck me, because I don’t think about sexism in science. As a college biology student, plenty of my professors are women, and my classes are pretty evenly split between guys and girls. But I know that, at least in terms of our society, sexism is still sadly a major issue.

Later today, I heard about a story that’s made its way into the news: The popular Facebook page called “I F*cking Love Science” is run by a woman. And that’s news.

Seriously, who cares? I really don’t. I never considered who runs the page; to be honest, it posts so frequently that I assumed a group of people run it. But in the end, it really shouldn’t matter.

I don’t think anyone could have said it better than the page’s creator, Elise Andrew, who said “Chillax. In science, sex is just a single genome characteristic.”

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